Wilderness Survival Training

(Updated: 09/05/11)

All of my life, I have had an interest in wilderness "survival".  This first found expression in the Boy Scouts, where we studied such neato things like starting a fire with two sticks, and how to use a pocket knife.  Things suitable for a young boy growing up in the Appalachian mountains.

Later, I found that I still had the interest.  After many years of hunting and traveling to such exotic and under-developed places as Alaska, Africa, and Independence, West Virginia, I discovered that it wasn't the hunt that I craved, but the experience of being "out there".  

Seems that I don't hunt much any more...

In the late 1990's, I ran across a character named Ron Hood.  Ron runs survival training trips, with his lovely wife Karen, and produces training videos as well.  If y'all have any interest in such things, these videos are the best!  Several of them are Telly Award winners, and I got my foundation in wilderness living skills from these instructional videos.  Check 'em out:  Hood's Woods' Videos

In 2000, after the world didn't end, I traveled to Idaho to attend one of the Hood's field training trips, "The Tractor Trip".  (We eat more dirt than a tractor!)  Met some great folks, learned a ton of stuff, and have been playing with the skills ever since.

Here are some of the experiences I have had "out there".

Ansel Adams Wilderness       My first solo.  (Pre-Hoods Woods training!)

The Original Tractor Trip    Hoods Woods course, Idaho, 2000

A Mini-Tractor Trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness   

Solo into the desert

A Spring Trip

A Fall Trip

A Day Trip

A Second Day Trip

A Couple of Days Practicing with Knives

Springtime Dirt Time

A Report on Two Simonich Knives

Eastern Sierra Trip       The WoodsDrummer and I partner up.                  

Dumpology 101     The WoodsDrummer's lesson on taking a dump in the woods. 

"One Sorry Assed Forge"    It couldn't be easier, and you don't need much...  

Dead Cow Camp      Back into the Golden Trout Wilderness for a week. 

A Primer on Lanyards     Some thoughts on that cord hanging off your knife.    

The Interstitial Wilderness      A place of refuge in the city.                     

Interstitial Trip #2              Another quick day hike.                            

Southern California Gathering    A weekend at Wind Wolves Wildlife Preserve   

The Hoko Knife                   A 2700 year old stone knife                     

The Crooked Spear               An old knife gets a new life                    

The Convex Edge                 A short tutorial                                 

My Fire Kit                       A peek inside the current kit                  

If You Ax Me                     Experiments with sharp things                  

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